In collaboration with other research groups, our lab strives to understand the evolutionary processes that shaped the human brain.
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The Allen Discovery Center for Human Brain Evolution at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School brings together three research laboratories to study the genetic, molecular and evolutionary forces that have given rise to the spectacular capacities of the human brain. In addition to the Walsh Lab, these laboratories include:
Dr. Michael E. Greenberg and The Greenberg Lab

Dr. David Reich and The Reich Lab
The Center aims to catalogue the key genes required for human brain evolution, analyze their roles in human behavior and cognition, and study their functions to discover evolutionary mechanisms.

The mission of the Harvard Brain Science Initiative is to promote interdisciplinary and cross-campus interactions amongst neuroscientists in the University and its affiliated hospitals enhancing research, enriching education, engaging the public in brain science, and together expanding its power for the betterment of human health and society.

The Boston Evolutionary Genomics Supergroup is a forum for research groups to share unpublished work at a level higher than the individual lab. The goal is to bring together the strong evolutionary genomics community in the Boston area.

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