Our laboratory conducts both human genetic and basic science research. We are working to uncover the genes involved in brain development and to better understand how their proteins function.
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Our continuing collaborations with clinicians and other research laboratories in the US and around the world are essential to the progress of our research. We are thankful for and welcome collaboration with:
  • referring physicians and genetic counselors that help recruit study participants,
  • other labs that collaborate on and contribute to joint research projects and publications,
  • institutions that provide specialized services and research support, and
  • consortiums and foundations that provide leadership and funding.
Additionally, much of the human genetic work of our lab has been fueled by international collaborations with geneticists, neurologists, pediatricians, and other research groups around the globe. This is especially true with physicians in countries where marriage between cousins is common because this creates genetic effects that greatly simplify the identification of rare, recessive mutations. We have collaborated with individuals and groups in many countries, including Tunisia, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

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