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  Walsh lab members and alumni represent varying academic and cultural backgrounds. We come from many US states and other countries around the world, including Canada, China, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
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Principal Investigator
Christopher A. Walsh, MD, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellows
Callison AlcottMD, PhD
Rebecca Andersen, PhD
Marc Beaudin
Sara Bizzotto, PhD
Alissa D'Gama, MD, PhD
Caroline Dias, MD, PhD
Javier Ganz, PhD
Ha Thi Hoang, MD, PhD
August Yue Huang, PhD
Sattar Khoshkhoo, MD
Andrew Kodani, PhD
Elaine Lim, PhD
Michael B. Miller, MD, PhD
Alisa Mo, MD, PhD
Xuyu Qian, PhD
Rachel Rodin,MD, PhD
Diane Shao, MD, PhD
Richard Smith, PhD
Janet Song, PhD
Zinan Zhou, PhD

Graduate/Medical Students
Shyam Akula
Rebeca Borges Monroy
Ellen DeGennaro
Sonia N. Kim
Eduardo Maury
Taehwan Shin
Edward Stronge

Staff Scientists
Sangita Choudhury, PhD
Robert Sean Hill, PhD

Lab Staff
Muna Al-Saffar, MBChB, MSc, CCGC, Research Coordinator/Genetic Counselor
Brian Chhouk
Dilenny Gonzalez, Research Technician
Monique Joe, Administrative Associate
Samantha Kirkham, Research Technician
Abbe Lai, MS, CGC, Research Coordinator/Genetic Counselor
Chanthia Ma
Katherine O'Kane, Clinical Research Assistant
Jennifer Neil Partlow, MS, CGC, Research Coordinator/Genetic Counselor
Lariza Rento, Research Technician
Rebecca Yeh, Research Technician

Clinical Colleagues
A. James Barkovich, MD
Bernard S. Chang, MD
Ming Hui Chen, MD, MSc
Ramzi Nasir, MD, MPH
Wen-Hann Tan, BMBS

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