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  Walsh lab members and alumni represent varying academic and cultural backgrounds. We come from many US states and other countries around the world, including Canada, China, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
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Sara Bizzotto, PhD

Sara joined the lab in 2016 after finishing her Ph.D. in Genetics and Neurodevelopment at University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France). Her doctoral work focused on cortical development and associated malformations. More specifically, she studied the cell biology of cortical progenitors in wild type mice and in a mouse model affected by subcortical band heterotopia and mutated for a microtubule-associated gene. Her primary research interest in the Walsh lab is to investigate the clonal relationships between neurons in the human cerebral cortex using single-cell whole genome sequencing and somatic mutation mapping. She is also interested in investigating how somatic mutations impact human cortical development focusing on autism spectrum disorders.
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