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  Walsh lab members and alumni represent varying academic and cultural backgrounds. We come from many US states and other countries around the world, including Canada, China, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
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Post-Doctoral Fellows
Almundher Al-Maawali, MD (2013-2015) > Geneticist
Manal Alaamery, PhD (2010-2013) > Assistant Professor of Genetics
Kristina Allen, PhD (1993-1998) > Director, Vaccines Business Unit, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Byoung-II Bae, PhD (2006-2015) > Assistant Professor
Andrew Baltus, PhD (2006-2011) > Associate Director of Business Development
Maria Chahrour, MS, PhD (2009-2014) > Assistant Professor
Bernard Chang, MD (2002-2004) > Associate Professor
Allen Chen, MD, PhD (2014-2018) > Medical Resident
Xi Chen, MD, PhD (2008-2010) > Medical Resident
Anjen Chenn, MD, PhD (1999-2002) > Associate Professor
Joseph C. Corbo, MD, PhD (1999-2002) > Associate Professor
Dwight Cordero, MD (2006-2010) > Associate Physician
Ryan Doan, PhD (2013-2019) > Principal Investigator and Instructor
Noelle Dwyer, PhD (2002-2007) > Associate Professor
Yaman Eksioglu, MD, PhD (1994-1997) > Assistant Professor
Yuanyi Feng, PhD (1997-2006) > Assistant Professor
Russell Ferland, PhD (2000-2005) > Associate Professor & Vice Chairman
Ying Geng, MD (2013-2014) > Neurologist
Ed Gilmore, MD, PhD (2006-2011) > Assistant Professor
Joseph G. Gleeson, MD (1995-1999) > Professor & Howard Hughes Investigator
Anthony Hill, PhD (2001-2010) > Manager
Saumya Jamuar, MBBS, MRCPCH (2012-2014) > Consultant Geneticist
Matthew B. Johnson, PhD (2010-2017) > Research Scientist
Seonhee Kim, PhD (2000-2007) > Assistant Professor
Jeehun Lee, MD, PhD (2013-2014) > Associate Professor
Maria Lehtinen, PhD (2007-2011) > Assistant Professor
Pengpeng Li, PhD (2016-2019)
Judy Liu, MD, PhD (2003-2010) > Assistant Professor
Sofia Lizarraga, PhD (2003-2010) > Assistant Professor
Michael Lodato, PhD (2012-2019) > Assistant Professor
Chiara Manzini, PhD (2006-2013) > Assistant Professor
Christine Marshall-Walker, PhD (2005-2008) > Instructor
Ganesh Mochida, MD (1999-2008) > Assistant Professor
Edwin S. Monuki, MD, PhD (1998-2001) > Warren L. Bostick Chair, Pathology
Eric Morrow, MD, PhD (2004-2009) > Associate Professor
Marta Nieto Lopez, PhD (2000-2004) > Assistant Professor
Eric Olson, PhD (1997-2003) > Associate Professor
Xianhua Piao, MD, PhD (2000-2005) > Assistant Professor
Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH (2004-2012) > Associate Professor
Mohamed A. Sabry, PhD (1998-2000) > Associate Professor
Christian R. Schubert, PhD (2009-2011) > Associate Director
Sema Sgaier, PhD (2006-2007) > Senior Program Officer
Volney Sheen, MD, PhD (2000-2005) > Associate Professor
Tao Sun, PhD (2002-2005) > Associate Professor
Ian Tietjen, PhD (2003-2006) > Research Associate
Jessica Tsai, MD, PhD
Peter Wang, PhD (2010-2016)
Mollie Woodworth, PhD (2013-2016) > Adjunct Professor
Seung-Yun Yoo, PhD (2003-2007) > Senior Manager
Tim W. Yu, MD, PhD (2007-2013) > Assistant Professor
Xiaochang Zhang, PhD (2011-2017) > Assistant Professor

Graduate/Medical Students
Donna Eilberg, MS (1998-2000)
Nicholai Henry, (2016-2017)

Staff Scientists
Klaus Schmitz-Abe, PhD

Lab Staff
Kutay Deniz Atabay > PhD Candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brenda Barry, MS, CGC > Research Coordinator/Genetic Counselor
Adria Bodell, MS > Science Teacher
Paula Delerme, MS, CGC > Clinical Genetic Counselor
Kira A. Dies, ScM, CGC > Program Manager
Chloe Egan
Princess Christina Elhosary > Student, Case Western Reserve University, School of Dental Medicine
Jillian Felie > Registered Nurse at Boston Children's Hospital
Nicole Hatem > Nursing Student at Thomas Jefferson University
Haley Hill > Genetic Counselor Master's Candidate at UNC Greensboro
Benjamin Hills > MD, PhD Candidate at Dartmouth College
Amer Hossain > PhD Candidate at The Rockefeller University
Laura Isacco, Research Technician
Stacy Kamumbu > Medical Student at Case Western Reserve University
Connor Kenny, Research Technician
Christina Kourkoulis > Lab Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital
Mark LaCoursiere > Research Technician at Boston Children's Hospital
Anh-Thu Lam > PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins University
Bhaven Mehta, MA > PhD Candidate at Dartmouth College
Katherine Morillo, Research Technician
Raheel Rizwan, MD, Clinical Research Specialist
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Aldo Rozzo, DVM, PhD
Steven Ryu, Research Technician
Gabrielle Sejourne, Research Technician
Sarah Servattalab > Medical Student at University of Massachusetts Medical School
Caroleen S. Smiley > Sr. Administrative Associate
Christine Sunu > Medical Student at Yale School of Medicine
Allison Sussman, MPH > Registered Nurse
Dovie Watson, MD > Physician, Internal Medicine
Suet Yip, Administrative Associate

PhD Thesis Students
Xuyu Cai, PhD (2010-2013) > Scientist
Teresa H. Chae, MD, PhD (1998-2002) > Physician
Michael Coulter, MD, PhD (2009-2018) > Postdoctoral Fellow
Sophie Currier, MD, PhD (2000-2004)
Thomas A. Deuel, MD, PhD (2000-2004) > Physician
Gilad Evrony, MD, PhD (2009-2013) > Assistant Professor
Wen Fan Hu, PhD (2010-2014) > Medical Student
Jeremy Fox, PhD (1995-1999) > Managing Director
Vijay Ganesh, MD, PhD (2007-2012) > Medical Resident
Kelly Girskis, PhD (2015-2019)
Jorge Gonzalez, PhD (1994-1999) > Executive Vice President
Divya Jayaraman, PhD (2010-2015) > Medical Student
Jason B. Neal, MD, PhD (2003-2010) > Postdoctoral Residency Fellow
Christopher B. Reid, MD, PhD (1993-1997)
Jun Shen, PhD (1999-2004) > Assistant Professor of Pathology & Neurology
Marcus Ware, MD, PhD (1995-1998) > Assistant Professor
Jenny (Yawei) Yang, MD, PhD (2007-2013) > Medical Resident
Mauro Zappaterra, MD, PhD (2005-2010) > Faculty & Lecturer

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