Developmental disorders of the human brain can cause epilepsy, intellectual disability and/or autism. We study the genetics and molecular biology of the developing cerebral cortex, the brain's largest structure, to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of human neurological disease.
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Our research achievements are peer-reviewed and published in collaboration with other scientists and clinicians around the world.

Regulation of human cerebral cortical development by EXOC7 and EXOC8, components of the exocyst complex, and roles in neural progenitor cell proliferation and survival

Posterior Neocortex-Specific Regulation of Neuronal Migration by CEP85L Identifies Maternal Centriole-Dependent Activation of CDK5
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Our research is currently highlighted in various media such as The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal. Check out what our current and former lab members are up to here!

Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH of the Epilepsy Genetics Program, Poduri Lab, and Brain Development and Genetics Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital, and previous Walsh Lab fellow, was selected as an honoree of the Harvard Club of Boston's 2020 Boston’s Most Influential Women! February 2020

Somatic Mosaicism in the Human Brain ASHG 2019 Interview with BioTechniques
Mind Brain Behavior Symposium: Christopher Walsh
  Zuckerman Institute
What advice do you have for young scientists? The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group
Christopher Walsh | 2017 Allen Frontiers Symposium 
2016 Allen Frontiers Symposium | Christopher Walsh

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The Brain Development and Genetics Clinic offers consultation for children with developmental brain disorders and their families. Our physicians will review brain MRIs and medical history to help provide the best diagnosis and management options available.

Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD
Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH
Ganesh Mochida, MD, PhD
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