Developmental disorders of the human brain can cause epilepsy, intellectual disability and/or autism. We study the genetics and molecular biology of the developing cerebral cortex, the brain's largest structure, to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of human neurological disease.
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Our research achievements are peer-reviewed and published in collaboration with other scientists and clinicians around the world.

Whole-genome analysis of de novo and polymorphic retrotransposon insertions in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Large mosaic copy number variations confer autism risk.
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Our research is currently highlighted in various media such as The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal. Check out what our current and former lab members are up to here!

Alisa Mo, current postdoctoral fellow in the Walsh Lab received the R25 research training award from the NIH/NINDS. The award is to support residents develop skills and training to foster careers as physician-scientists.
Congratulations Alisa! February 2021

H. Westley Phillips, MD received the R25 grant for his project 'Identifying Somatic Mutationsn in Pediatric Temporal Lope Epilepsy' and will join the Walsh Lab in July 2021. Phillips, a PGY6 neurosurgery resident at UCLA, aims to investigate the genetic footprint of epilepsy in children to prepare him for a career as a pediatric epilepsy surgeon-scientist.
Congratulations Wes! Welcome to the team! February 2021

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How did the human brain evolve? What genetic changes have made it so unique? Tackling these questions with our colleagues at the Allen Discovery Center will shed light on human nature and disease.

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